About Us

New England Spices LLC is a newly formed Web-based company that is selling specialty seasonings and batter mixes for the home maker.  As a family we grew tired of having the same meals over and over.  So I took off in search of coming up with an affordable way to improve on my weekly "go to" meals by simply changing my seasoning selection.  This not only improved the taste, but it was extremely affordable for my budget.  An added bonus is that I still prepare the same foods that I am comfortable making and that I can do in a jiffy on busy week nights and weekends.  I have also tried many new recipes substituting my new seasonings in place of salt and pepper.  This change alone has helped me create many new choices for my family.  Now everyone looks forward to dinner, even if they know it is one of my regular meals, because the new flavors are much more exciting.  My family and friends have enjoyed the new seasonings and batter mixes tremendously and I hope you will too. 

I am also a breast cancer survivor.  My next mission is going to be incorporating more antioxidant spices and foods into my families diets.  Look for new antioxidant items to be introduced along with some recipes in the future.

                                                                           New England Spices LLC
                                                                                     P.O. Box 656
                                                                              Amherst, NH  03031